Rental Application for NAME ________________________________ Current Address: ___________________________________ Phone #
email address:

How many people ____________  Relationship:                                          Any expected company?

Beginning and ending when? __________

Furnished or unfurnished? ____________

Any pets ?  _________________  Type/s

                 Breed?                           Age?                        How long have you owned?                   

Do you have rental experience?

Name Landlords and rentals in the past 3 years & give contact phone numbers




Provide an electric company reference (All payments of electric for a 12 month period, paid 'on time')

Three personal references & contact phone numbers:




Is anyone in your party a smoker?                Who?                             Light smoker or heavy smoker? _______________________

All rentals are no inside smoking.

Your employer? __________________________ Supervisor Name and Number______________________________________

How long do you expect to work here?                                                              Any other workers in the rental?

What outside personal property:  cars ____  trucks _____  boat _____  RV_____ OTHER _________________________________


Your driver's license # ____________________________________ State ______________________________

(if you don't have a driver's license, be willing to get a background check from the local police station))

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