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To the American Medical Association:
Regarding: a chemical exposure to suspect - CANCER   * 


2-butoxyethanol *  *

aka Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether . What is  BUTYL? (4 carbons?)


Happy Birthday, Dr. Ron Davis. A most probable cause of cancers is exposure to 2-butoxyethanol.

It targets the kidneys and liver and the blood and blood forming organs ... every organ/ gland. It is the AUTOIMMUNE causing chemical. Stop one's body from being autoimmune & it is the best place to start.

ALSO avoid exposure. Just being around someone who has been overexposed can get this complex alcohol from their breath into one's eyes and also be an exposure. Suspect EGBE exposure for the primary harm of soldiers in every war era this past century and for 'the bird flu' Suspect it for the real cause of Pres FDR's death.

Suspect it for many side effects of which blood sugar abnormalities (high or low), blood pressure abnormalities (high or low) and body temperature (high or low) could be part of autoimmune hypothalamus.

What we blame on diabetes should be blamed on the chemical that causes abnormal blood sugar, flu, and in the civilian population: Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. THE CFIDS, CFS, FM populations have too many things that are 'off' so the 'numbers' that are too high such as in RDW, for instance, are also suppose to be 'low' when arthritis is present, etc

Many things that are blamed on cancers such as pancreatic, liver, lung, NHL or brain tumors ... should be blamed on the primary chemical that would cause such

FIND the FATIGUE which is the idiopathic anemia that would prove that 2-butoxyethanol is the underlying cause of harm!

The flu is not a virus, Dioxin is not the primary chemical exposure that harmed the Vietnam Vets; high white blood cell counts may also be a clue to the fatigue (AIHA or IMHA) that 2-butoxyethanol causes.
Suspect multiple exposures to this chemical for the cause of 'gulf war syndrome'


Margaret Diann  
Valdez, ALASKA 99686

June 18, 2008

Dr Ron Davis, President of the AMA, is 52 years old today

He has been diagnosed with advance pancreatic cancer this year

Others  *

A good project for an immunologist *

A mother shares about her son

Look Alike?

Do WWII Vets, Vietnam Vets, Korean Vets, Gulf war vets and civilians with CFIDS look alike?  Do they look like the Exxon Valdez oil spill 'bioremediation' workers?  Do they look like our soldiers who fight in wars today?

Look for this pattern  *

The chemical I am concerned about causes short term memory loss, and that is a stand out harm.  I think it is part of the autoimmune Central Nervous System Issues. 

Central Nervous System Effects:
Difficulty Concentrating
Short Term Memory Loss
Difficulty Sleeping

Constantly Irritable - ANGER outbursts  - 
Suicidal Tendencies

Mimics True Psychiatric Disorder with strong exposure (Military calls it PTSD?)

Horrible Headaches

and AUTOIMMUNE issues * such as lipid changes, autoimmune metabolic issues weight issues belly fat - balance issues (vertigo)  Severe eyesight loss; hearing loss*; brain tumors may start & grow rapidly; loss of taste, smell; periodontal disease

AND FATIGUE that hides out. (look for Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia if 2-butoxyethanol exposure signs are there. AIHA or IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia)

LOOK at red blood cells

&/or grossly misshapen red blood cells  *

(lose the capability to convey oxygen around the body)

    • Enlarged spleen *
    • Elevated RDW
    • RBC 'sticking together?'
    • Fragility of RBC membranes? 
    • Elevated 'retic ratio' only at 2.5 days after 'flu' Compensated
    • VERY HIGH White Blood Cell Counts (advanced anemia) *

Any abnormal blood sugar?  (high or low) Any abnormal blood pressure? ... body temp? *

Consider autoimmune hypothalamus  web page

For an overview of what the pattern of the effects of 2-butoxyethanol

aka Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether .

Tim Russert died of effects of an enlarged heart?

There is a chemical exposure that is widespread especially among baby boomers

& children of military who fought in wars:

One worker of EVOS * had  2 of his 4 heart chambers double the normal size

A lot of serious health issues should look at 2-butoxyethanol for a cause

Including direct heart damage & 'birth defect' heart damage

Ban this chemical

We are loosing our health *  

We are loosing our environment *  

We are loosing our honey bees / food supplies

My Letter to the AMA