2-butoxyethanol is the commonly used chemical for DECADES that would cause all of the autoimmune issues those with CFIDS are concerned about
Until doctors and researchers find the fatigue that 2-butoxyethanol causes: Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia or IMHA (by LOOKING at the RED Blood cells *

& checking kidney hormones * & kidney & liver function) and look at some of the premises they hold (which are false), they will not find the answers they seek.  It is the commonly used chemical for DECADES that would cause all of the autoimmune issues you are concerned about.


Check blood pressure, blood sugar, body temp (autoimmune hypothalamus)

Flu?  Virus or chemical poisoning?  *

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2-Butoxy Ethanol is unquestionably Health Hazardous  *


Chronic fatigue sufferers largely ignored

Patient-funded studies search for blood
test to diagnose complex condition

By Chris Zdeb  Photograph by: Jimmy Jeong, Edmonton Journal

March 30, 2009

Greg Dust, who has chronic fatigue syndrome, says the condition derailed his career as a teacher.  In a world where most people function on a shortage of sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome is the Rodney Dangerfield of diseases -- it gets no respect. And in Canada, it gets little or no money.

It's so bad that sufferers, estimated to number four million in the U.S. and 400,000 here, have to fund the research themselves to come up with a simple blood test just to diagnose the syndrome.

Currently, a person is usually diagnosed with CFS only after doctors have ruled out all other possible causes.

The $125,000 US recently awarded to Gordon Broderick, a University of Alberta researcher, to study CFS at a molecular level comes from the American-based Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Association of America, the largest patient-advocacy group for CFS sufferers.

"They are a population of very sick people that are so frustrated, that they decided to take this into their own hands," he says.  "Every nickel of this money comes from patients and their families, so if ever there was a sacred trust this is it.

"Do I think it's enough to get the job done? It's a really good start and that is the way the money is being given to us essentially: to produce enough results to go after bigger funding."

Based on the research being done in places like the U.S. and Japan, he predicts doctors will have a diagnostic test for CFS in  five years.  The difficulty in researching this and other complex chronic illnesses is that they affect multiple systems, including the immune, endocrine or hormonal system, and the nervous system, Broderick explains.

CFS symptoms include extreme fatigue that lasts at least six months, mild fever, sore throat, tender neck with swollen lymph nodes, a decreased ability to concentrate, muscle weakness, joint pain and headaches. They can be severe enough to interfere with a person's work, leading to sick leave and extended periods of bed rest. Some people never return to their original energy levels.

"Twice as many women as men have the disease. No one knows why"


Makes sense to me. 

Besides the cleaning women would most probably do more of, they have often used mascara (chemical vapors in eyes), and they use fingernail polish (di-butyl in many of the fingernail polishes)


... & other people of interest *

The chemical exposure that looks like 'the flu' or just ongoing congestion with 'the sniffles' and flatulence and diarrhea ... is too strong in home cleaning products & does not have to be disclosed.  So hard working conscientious moms are more at risk for exposure and their children, too.  Even more birth defects would show up in this group of women... Suicides ... such as Susan Lawn of Valdez who for years was compulsive about cleaning ... her house ... her friends' houses.  She drove her car off the pier a couple of years ago. 

Post partum blues?  Maybe doctors are giving new moms a butylated inert component in their anesthesia * (HELLP Syndrome) *

Be Careful what you clean with  *

























Can heavy mascara use cause cancer?

autoimmune issues like CFIDS, CFS, FM?

I think so.

And thus, I choose not to wear it.


Too many things going on at the same time for doctors / researchers to pinpoint

  ' the chills?'  *  Remember a High Fever? ... Headaches?  *


How does our body 'complain' about too much of a chemical exposure?  *


My thoughts to the AMA for Dr. Ron Davis, AMA President age 52 on 6-18-08, who has been diagnosed this year with advance pancreatic cancer (Died 11-7-08)  Blog


Find ANEMIA for proof that EGBE causes CFIDS, CFS, FM *

This chemical won't do just one thing - If you only have one health issue, and/or your parent doesn't have 'the odd assortment of CFIDS symptoms,' don't suspect 2-butoxyethanol poisoning.

Compare EVOS Robin to Gulf War Vet Donny

Suspect Dec 1997 exposure

and memory loss ... a n d

What is often thought to be a virus is actually a particular chemical poisoning. Suspect 2-butoxyethanol or glycol butyl ethers for cause of CFIDS, CFS, FM. Find the anemia this chemical causes (Also causes an assortment of autoimmune issues) and you will want to avoid it; especially in our home cleaning products

(non disclosed, however) *


How does our body 'complain' about too much of a chemical exposure?  *



What alternate help?   *   *

Will Glyconutrients Help?  link

Nutrition supports the engineering and design of life coded in genes. Thus, improved nutrition is not the treatment or cure of a disease.


Gamma globulin for help?  *  Rituxan? *

Help for autoimmune issues, fatigue, cancer such as 2-BE causes?



I have no medical background.  Not being a physician I can not diagnose or treat health problems.  Mention of a company or a product does not constitute endorsement

What about gamma globulin?  *  *