Valdez Housing Options - Valdez, Alaska 99686

M. Diann Hursh, Broker  co-owner of units

Diann Hursh : Real Estate Broker

Hursh & Assoc., Realtors
P.O. Box 233
Valdez, Alaska 99686

Office:  Suite 218 & 219, 310 Egan Ave upstairs

(907) 835-5333

Voice mail anytime:  831-1000 - Fax?  Call First


valdez housing dot com


Other rentals... By the day or by the year or For Sale:

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Or mobiles for short term or long term rent .... or for sale

125 Valdez Mobile Home Park - a semi Furnished 2 bedroom mobile home

(For sale or for rent)

More photos of mobile that is for sale or for rent - & a starter home, too

Valdez Housing

A summer guest had come by Ferry     & stayed a few days in one of the rentals


Housing options - For Rent and For Sale

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