What about Prince Anthony Radziwill?

Was Prince Anthony Radziwill of Poland 

a 'casualty' of WWII? 

He died Aug 10, 1999 just 2 weeks after his first cousin and life-long friend, John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Actually, I think that the soft tissue sarcomas should be added to 'the list' (One of the 'FOR SURES' of what happened to the Vietnam vets - maybe in time, also for the 'Gulf war syndrome' vets) Anyone in the general population who have those with CFS or CFIDS in the family line should give some consideration to the autoimmune metabolic ailments ... and many cancers

So, I wonder about Polish Prince, Anthony Radziwill, was he a 'casualty' of WWII... a victim of health 'fall out?'

The letter I wrote last week to the Polish Dept of Epidemiology


Poland got the most bombing?

Considering how ruthlessly Hitler's troops bombed Warsaw ... aiming at killing every man, woman & child (as Poland dared to take a stand against the German army), it's no wonder that someone from Poland would have a high risk of harm from the widespread bombing there.

Parkinson's and ALS I would suspect for extreme exposure. I wonder what the epidemiology info is on these? At the very least they should show a dramatic increase in NHL and diabetes and autoimmune metabolic dysfunction ... even chronic overweight and high bad cholesterol

What did Hitler & Pope John Paul II have in common?

They both were alive during WWII days;
both could have had the 'bomb fumes' in their eyes.

They both came down with Parkinson's:

The Pope & Hitler. I noticed some other health similarities, too.

I saw the History Channel documentary on Hitler & saw the end of war film (not censored) of Hitler's left hand tremors: shaking at rest. Also had tremors in legs.


I believe there is more 'fall out' from WWII than anyone has ever imagined! Besides NHL, obesity, diabetes, brain tumors, leukemia ... many, many autoimmune ailments such as Parkinson's


I came in here mad, DearMaggie, but I should have known better and that you had something else in mind. I never did think to compare like that.

I just watched a documentary about Hitler and his health. His personal physician gave him a cocktail of drugs (that included meth) and vitamins. He got it daily, then several times a day. No telling what all that did to his body systems. - Woodmonkey
That's true

There were little tablets at breakfast for gastrointestinal pain. (strychnine?)

Anyway he knew something was wrong, so did his doctors; the heart beat was off or echoing.

They gave out propaganda most likely that his left arm was injured when someone tried to take his life.

I don't suppose they wanted it out that he had a disease that wasted away his mind and body. Not a good advertisement for the 'pure race' either, would it be?

Not a good advertisement for the 'pure race' either, would it be


Not good at all.
Re: That's true

Originally Posted by Woodmonkey
Not good at all.

It's interesting, to me at least, that Hitler's pure race was Aryan, blond(e) and handsome - none of which seem descriptive of himself. But to be seen as weak in any way! Gracious! der Fuhrer? Thor forbid!

Yes, I believe I remember that his arm was said to have been injured in the attempt on his life - although it was also said he'd left the room just before the suitcase exploded.

That can be confusing, especially when trying to defend a myth of perfection!  - Snowden

Re: What did Hitler & Pope John Paul II have in common?

There were many similarities in their health problems, but the two men were night and day as far as their character, actions and impact on the world are concerned. People can have conditions, but those conditions don't dictate how they treat those around them. - Woodmonkey

yes - night and day; but how exposed?

That's probably why one had long life and the other didn't

Honor your father and mother for long life, says the Bible ... and some other things, too, like: "Thou shalt not murder"

As to exposure to the ethylene glycol monobutyl ethers ... it is no respecter of persons ... How could these be exposed? Let me give you a couple of examples:

Besides his own direct exposure to 'bomb fumes' how many times did Hitler walk down the lines of soldiers shaking their hands? ... many of them breathing out the poison in his face (eyes are primary route of exposure)

... and then, as with USA President FDR ... how many times did he have meetings with the generals ... who could also be getting rid of such poison ... in their respiration? This would be 'second hand exposure' 2-butoxyethanol has a very strong second hand solvent exposure.

Do you remember hearing the gulf war vets wondering how it could be that their spouses and the children born before they were deployed .... also came down with 'the syndrome' after their return?

Personally I can't take any more of this chemical ... maybe I shared already, but I have seen the pattern of this chemical's harm in my dad (who served on a Navy ship that was in battle - WWII) ... now I have come down with type 2 diabetes, high bad cholesterol & there are other ailments that would be 'part of the package' (for me, like a late to show up birth defect ... not unlike brain tumors would be with this chemical)

I have had direct exposure, too, such as when I did a lot of household cleaning in our rental business a couple of years back. Now I get diarrhea when I'm around the chemical: when in paint fumes, cleaning products, others who are expelling it in their breath.  (No fun ... not my choice to be a human barometer)

Here are some reasons to suspect this chemical in 'rocket propellants'

On another point, I would suggest to the military that they don't use Corexit or leave it sitting around in the Arms room to vaporize and get in our soldiers eyes. I'm sure it would get out of the barrels. Bad news -  


Our Nation's Health

 Does FDR's cousin Daisy's Journal talk about a time when the 32nd President of the USA had 'flu-like' symptoms?

Repost  10-7-05

I'm putting together a list of ailments that could be part of the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome ... which I suspect could be the harm to many in military from WWII days to the present.

Do this questionnaire & share it with your doctor.

Thankfully, everyone doesn't get everything on the list.  The chemical exposure I am concerned with is ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.  The biggest clue to its harm is 
  • blood in urine.  Next clue is 
  • red blood cells that are small-sized * (immature?)  You need to know that, because liver and white blood cell tests don't read right if red blood cells are predominately immature.
It is said that the dioxin mixture was mixed with Jet fuel so it would adhere to the foliage .  So it may be another chemical, not dioxin, that is the primary cause of the vietnam vets' harm

And give your doctor THIS overview

Every doctor needs some of this info - If you have a good rapport with any doctor, please pass it on!

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