One cause of FATIGUE - CFIDS ?

And Many, Many Autoimmune Immune System Problems  ... Prostate cancer & ovarian cancer, and brain tumors ... especially pituitary brain tumors ... HORRIBLE Headaches
and leukemia and NHL & other lymphomas - Many birth defects  It is a teratogen and causes reproductive harm. It damages the X chromosome
An often expressed concern:  "I understand what its like to have doctor after doctor shrug their shoulders or tell you that it has to be 'all in your head because the tests don't support the diagnosis.' Its hard and because you get anxious and depressed about it, the doctors jump on this as a sign that you are indeed mentally ill and have imagined the whole thing up as some sort of elaborate fantasy! Its ludicrous, but as a doctor once told me, they say that because they don't know the answer. My advice is to keep going to doctors until you meet one who is willing to cut the BS and say 'i don't know, but I'm willing to keep trying to find out.'


Doctors aren't looking for the pattern of harm of 2-butoxyethanol, 

but when they do;  they will find it!


A diabetes, autoimmune metabolic dysfunction chemical

If 2-butoxyethanol  is the cause of CFS, CFIDS, FM, the fatigue would be autoimmune hemolytic anemia - a biomarker for those with too much direct exposure  Check some extra things  and these

'flu-like' symptoms may be a chemical exposure

Tired of being tired?

Please share this info with your doctor: 

Please go over this questionnaire

and share with your doctor the results also:

Diarrhea - a strong clue

How does your body 'complain' about a chemical exposure?


More 2-butoxyethanol MSDS info  * *

NJ Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet  2-butoxyethanol pdf


To prove the harm of 2-butoxyethanol - For those with direct exposures

you have to prove the FATIGUE of CFS, CFIDS, FM - 

Test for autoimmune hemolytic anemia

I learned a lot from the 'gulf war syndrome' vets  *

"All I did was run a marathon race in 1979 - came down with a terrible 'flu' and have had CFS ever since!"
"I was in GREAT shape until I did a l-o-n-g bike ride, now, I'm really heavy with no energy to even think of working out.  The doctors think that I short circuited my immune system, caught a virus, got CFS.  (that's it in a nutshell)  A lot of my friends don't understand because I don't "look" sick.

Glyconutrient Trials Suggest Hope for Help!

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Dr Reg shares that Mannetech Supplements have helped those harmed by solvents

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Some doctors' thoughts    -   Senator Specter - Help?

"Sugars modify many proteins and fats on cell surfaces and participate in such biological processes as immunity and cell-to-cell communication.

They also play a part in a range of diseases, from viral infections to cancer.

"Scientific American, July 2002, pages 40-47

Glyconutrient trials are coming from research done by Roger J. Williams

Consider glyconutrients for help  - Info site

No Chemo Cancer Treatment - In the Works  - Nov, 2007


Bob 's comments *

How is Hillary?

What is the Civilian Name for 'gulf war syndrome?'



For those with strong, DIRECT exposure(s) (not birth defect effects) ...
To find the harm of 2-butoxyethanol - you have to prove the fatigue of CFS, CFIDS (Doctors say they do not know what the fatigue is):
- Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
Thankfully, everyone doesn't come down with everything this chemical can do AKA  ethylene glycol monobutyl ether.  The biggest clue to its harm is 
  • blood in urine.  Next clue is 
  • red blood cells that are small-sized * (immature?)  You need to know that, because liver and white blood cell tests don't read right if red blood cells are predominately immature.

"Glucocorticoid hormones are involved in how the body utilizes and stores carbohydrates, protein, fat and blood sugar."  How are your hormones?  High or low?

Should people with CFS, CFIDS, FM - donate blood?

Congress should ban this chemical   *

Right now, EPA has delisted it