Originally: Tri(laureth-4)-phosphate [C12H25(OC2H4)3O]3PO

The given formula [C12H25(OC2H4)3O]3PO] refers to
   a phosphoric ester based on an ethoxilated lauryl (=C12) alcohol

It is a surfactant and emulsifier.  *

 "A compound known as Sodium POE (10) is a common surfactant
which contains the tri-laureth phosphate group that you asked about. 

Tri(laureth-4)-phosphate is not a substance that exists independently." 



Sodium POE(10) Lauryl Ether Phosphate [42612-52-2]
Synonyms: Sodium POE(10) Lauryl Ether Phosphate; Dilaureth-10 Phosphate; Sodium POE(4) Lauryl Ether Phosphate; Trilaureth-4 Phosphate;




Trilaureth-4-phosphate is the INCI name for a
blend of mono-di and tri phosphate esters.  The individual components do
not have separate MSDS's there is just one for the blend, as manufacture,
Hostaphat KL 340D.

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inipol/media/Hostaphat KL 340 D.pdf  overview


 MSDS for CAS No. 121158-63-2



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" Trilaureth-4-phosphate is a synonym for a compound known as Sodium POE (10)
 Lauryl Ether Phosphate which has a CAS Registry No. of 42612-52-2.

This surfactant is typically available as a pale yellow paste.  It can be used as a solubilizer for perfumes; also to improve texture of skin lotions and tonics among other applications.

 The CAS no. you provided 12751-23-4 corresponds to Lauryl Phosphate with

a formula of C12H27O4P and a molecular wt. of 266.31666 g/mol. 

This is another surfactant and is available as a white solid and is used in a wide range of applications."


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Clariant is producer of the below mentioned product, its name is Hostaphat
KL 340D. It is used as an emulsifier for cosmetic products. Please find
enclosed a technical data sheet for the product. If needed, we can also
supply guide recipes for cosmetic formulations including Hostaphat KL 340D.

(See attached file: Hostaphat KL 340 D.pdf)
My collegue Cheryl Littau will be happy to
assist you in case of further questions, she can also send you the
respective US MSDS.

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 I am responsible for the phosphoric acid esters called Hordaphos
and I will try to answer your questions:

- In our Hordaphos product range we have no triesters [ general formular

- The phosphoric acid, dodecylester with the CAS-Nr. 12751-23-4
   is no pure triester, but a mixture of mono- and diester.
   We have a similar product which calls Hordaphos MDL.

- The given formula [C12H25(OC2H4)3O]3PO] refers to
   a phosphoric ester based on an ethoxilated lauryl (=C12) alcohol.

- I think Bayer produces some phosphoric acid triesters.

- I am sorry, but concerning the EAP22 I cannot help you.

If you have further questions concerning Hordaphos, please contact me.

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W. Maas