Trying to FIND information for each of these ingredients of inipol EAP 22 ...

Each component of inipol EAP 22 is on the TSCA Inventory List

(Since this is EPA's List, they don't have to share, if they don't want to, do they?)

Can the information on them be found there? 

What is the toxic rating of each one?

... hard to find information on tri(laureth-4)-phosphate


a phosphoric ester based on an ethoxilated lauryl (=C12) alcohol

says a Clariant expert in Germany

CAS Nr 42612-52-2


First off, it was withheld by EPA as one of the ingredients of 

inipol EAP 22

All EPA would say in their tech bulletin #10 is that it contained nitrogen and phosphorus.  *
This is the phosphorus source 
Nitrogen was actually urea;
then it contained oleic acid (primarily)
& 10-12% was 2-butoxyethanol.

Oleic Acid - primary ingredient

CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOH  bonds mean *

 (Today's CAS Nr = 112-80-1 ...does it match?)


Tri(laureth-4)-phosphate  *


 CAS Nr 42612-52-2 - at the time, was it an experimental, unregulated chemical 7-28-89 ?   

(check dates)  

But for sure, not much is easily findable for tri(laureth-4)-phosphate.


OP's of this size will not be very soluble at all.

 -per an advance analytical chemist; 

says this is a known neurotoxin (?) Looking for more information. 

(deals in a new area of chemistry)


CAS Nr 12751-23-4 that shows in current MSDS on inipol EAP 22 is for phosphoric acid, dodecyl ester

a different ingredient than used during the bioremediation experiment of EXXON/EPA


2-Butoxyethanol *

 CAS Nr 111-76-2 

is only one given 7-28-89 that is of a certainty the same for today              

10-12% of product by weight 


NOTE:  MSDS 7-28-89 inaccurately states no ingredient was more than 1% or 0.1% carcinogen ... EXXON did not tell of the possible cancers (not known in animal testing data?); even so Acute Hazard per EPA Classification Code was reported as XXX and Chronic Hazard as XXX- HMIS BASIS - Recommended by Exxon says Exxon






 (Today's  CAS Nr = 57-13-6...does it match?)

Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2002 6:34 PM

Subject: information on a phosphate

 Dear Mr. Barloy,

I would like to know more information on


CAS Nr 12751-23-4


Do you have any information on it?

Does it also have an MSDS?

Thank you in advance,


Margaret Diann

I am an expert in phosphate rock and in its use in the manufacture of
phosphoric acid, but not in the mentioned product. I regret I cannot help.


Michel Barloy







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