What products might help with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cleanup 

& Prove to Have Good Commercial Value, too?

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Corexit? *

NO. 7-9580000


"Exxon used two fertilizers in the cleanup:  

Customblen, a slow-release solid fertilizer 

that was developed by Grace Sierra Chemicals for agricultural and lawn use, 



Inipol, manufactured by a subsidiary of Elf Aquitaine. " *


However MSDS clearly shows that INIPOL EAP 22  

was an Exxon owned product 

with MSDS by Exxon 7-28-89...fully experimental.


Corexit?  Not a primary dispersant, but brought in to Valdez at about the same time: 

another experimental chemical mixture!  * 

* Corexit was videoed by the State of Alaska when it was being sprayed from an airplane and called a 'dispersant' 


In the end, per one college study,

40 tons of granular nitrogen-phosphate fertilizer,

which ends up being Customblen, *

 was applied by workers to the Soiled Beaches of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Do you know anyone who used the granular Customblen or Corexit from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cleanup August, 1989?   ...

Was Customblen also used again in 1990?

How many workers were there & are they OK now?

How was it applied?

It's surprising what can be learned when someone asks questions & then listens!


This first version of Corexit (9580) was an Exxon Product 

with MSDS by EXXON dated 8-1-89


(Remember EPA was in the mood to approve anything 

Exxon said was OK for 'bioremediation') *

If there's a 'next time' don't let Exxon run the show

Exxon claims ingredients are proprietary

Couldn't claim that now, due to 1997 court ruling - *

A current MSDS of the version of Corexit they ended up with would now show ALL ingredients ... so far, though, this has not been available per public records searched.

and that Corexit 9580 is hazardous as defined in 29 CFR1910.1200


quoting from MSDS under Section 6 NOTES:

"Corexit may contain trace amounts of ethylene oxide * (CAS No. 75-21-8 ETHYLENE OXIDE NJ Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet-pdf format), a condition which creates the potential for accumulation of ethylene oxide in the head space of shipping and storage containers and in enclosed areas where the product is being handled or used.  Ethylene oxide is considered by OSHA, IARC, and NTP as a potential carcinogen * for humans.  Ethylene oxide may also present reproductive, mutagenic, genotoxic, neurologic and sensitization hazards in humans.  If this product is handled with adequate ventilation, the presence of these trace amounts is

not expected to result in any short or long term hazards." *


This, my friends, is an oxymoron.  

The term carcinogen means cancer causing.

Safety and Health Topics:
December 23, 2002
Ethylene Oxide  http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/ethyleneoxide/index.html  Known in 1984 & before:

"Both human and animal studies suggest that EtO is a potential occupational carcinogen, 

causing leukemia and other cancers. EtO has also been linked to reproductive damage, 

including spontaneous abortions; cytogenetic damage; neurological effects 

ranging from nausea and dizziness to peripheral paralysis; and tissue irritation."


"dispersants like Corexit 9527 * (another Exxon formulation) are much less toxic than the dispersants used in the 1960s," Wells said, "but even these new dispersants have adverse effects on biological processes." quoted by ADN 8-15-89



What Effect has  Corexit  and  Customblen  and  Inipol EAP 22 * had on the fishing habitat?  Has anyone checked what 'chemicals' do?

As with humans, must chemicals be specifically tested for?

More information on Corexit and other solvents *

Corexit judged ineffective  *  (8-15-89)


Another experimental chemical not considered good enough after short term use in 1989 was Corexit  ... which the government at Exxon's urging wants to dump in Alaskan waters for official experiment December, 2002, phase II  *

Maybe Dispersants Should not be Used at ALL?  *

"A researcher * was also amazed bacteria had not broken down the oil."   *.

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