February 19, 2007

Mr White,
       My name is Captain Richard Nagel and I was in the RCAC in 1989, 1990, and 1991 before the chemicals " Inipol " and the rest were outlawed, so to speak.  My feelings run deep on the subject of the Chemicals used.  The reason is because I supplied all the Inipol in Prince William Sound and the Kenai Peninsula for Exxon.  In 1993 I was fired because I spoke up about the hazard's of the chemical Inipol.  This was after I got the MSDS report from the French Corporation that Exxon bought the rights to for Inipol.  I will have you know their MSDS report is totally different from the one Exxon published.  Make's one wonder why ?
If you have the time go to    http://exxontellslies.blogstream.com/    This is my story and believe me I am not proud of it.   I have hurt a lot of people by not speaking up before they were exposed.   I resigned from the RCAC because they're full of shit.  If you would like to contact me feel free to do so,   I also was exposed.  I had half my stomach removed in 1994 because of cancer and now I have severe blood disorders and that's not even half of it .
                                               Captain Richard D. Nagel

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"Canadian researcher Peter Wells in 1984 concluded that part of the problem with oil dispersants is that their toxicity appears to be linked to their effectiveness: Effective dispersants are too toxic, and nontoxic dispersants are ineffective" quoted by ADN 8-15-89



Coast Guard Vice Adm. Clyde Robbins, the on-scene coordinator for the spill cleanup

"What in the world are we doing testing this stuff now?" Robbins asks.


 http://www.adn.com/evos/stories/EV147.html Anchorage Daily News, 8-15-89


Peter Moutasano, a Department of Environmental Conservation member of the Resource Assessment Team in the area warned a reporter not to touch the rocks with bare hands because the fertilizer attacks red blood cells and can cause liver and kidney damage.  ADN, 9-16-89 http://www.adn.com/evos/stories/EV123.html 


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